World of Warcraft Loot Cards

Loot Card Guideline and Policy:

  • Redemption Codes will not be sent ahead of time. Sellers waive all protection by doing so.
  • Shipping will follow the TCG shipping guidelines
  • Condition of the card may vary slightly, but the code should be mostly unrevealed.
  • The card may show signs of wear, but the code should be unscratched. Loot Cards contain a redemption code for an in-game item. To redeem your code visit: and follow the instructions on the page.
  • Returns and exchanges will only be allowed on unscratched loot cards. No returns or refunds will be given for Loot Cards that have been scratched or have their code revealed.

What does “Unscratched” mean?

The original code and scratch off bar are on the card.

There may be a small amount of the foil scratched to confirm there is a code on the card. (This is typical for higher value loot cards to avoid disputes.)

Condition of the card should be Near Mint or Lightly Played, but the code should be mostly unrevealed.

Unscratched Code

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