Sales Summary Report

The Sales Summary Report provides sales data to Sellers, helping them understand gross and net revenue for activity on TCGplayer.  You can generate information for any date range, and view a number of different sales categories.  The Sales Summary Report data is for all successfully processed TCGplayer orders that have been applied to your store.  



Gross Sales

  • The total sales for the Seller in that period not including tax

Order Count

  • Total number of orders for that report period

Product Amount

  • Amount that product sold for not including shipping or tax

Total Fees

  • Total fees charged for transaction processing fees and commission, and any Direct Program fees

Shipping Amount

  • Amount buyer was charged for all orders

Total Refund Amount

  • Total dollar value of refunds given to the seller

Refunded Orders

  • Total of any full and partial refunds on orders

Refunded Fees

  • Total of any full and partial refunds of fees


  • All adjustments made towards a Seller’s account, including Direct discrepancy adjustments

Net Sales Minus Fees

  • Gross Sales minus fees and refunds

Net Sales

  • Gross Sales minus fees, refunds and adjustments


Please contact our Customer Service team if you have any questions about this report. We're here to help!



Change Log

  • 1/19/24 - Edited list of data included in Sales Summary Report
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