International Buyer Disputes - How to Manage Chargebacks

In the unlikely event that a PayPal dispute is leveled against your store, TCGplayer will notify you via email with the details of the claim.

  • We will ask your store to supply any tracking, delivery confirmation, signature confirmation or copies of any customs forms you have for the order in question.
  • We will fight any and all chargebacks with PayPal to the best of our ability.
  • The Buyer will be blocked from any future purchases on TCGplayer until the chargeback is resolved.
  • The order payment for the transaction will be placed on hold until the dispute is resolved. If you have already been paid for this order the amount will be withheld from your next batch payment.
  • If you have not shipped the product(s), we recommend that you do not ship them and contact right away so we can work with you to refund the order for the customer.  

Please Note, if TCGplayer loses the dispute, your store is responsible for the funds associated with the dispute and it is highly likely you will also be assessed a Paypal Settlement Fee of $25.00.

Please keep in mind that the dispute process can take weeks to complete so your store's cooperation and patience during the dispute time frame is appreciated.  

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