What are the risks of shipping internationally?

If you decide to fulfill international orders, please keep in mind that you ship these at your own risk. The three main factors to be aware of are credit card verification, the cost of international shipping and PayPal’s Seller Protection policies.

Credit Card Verification

International orders aren’t governed by the same strict Federal credit card verification rules and guidelines as domestic orders. Take care when you choose international destinations you accept orders from.

International Shipping Fees and Costs

The shipping fee you set and that’s displayed when the buyer places their order is the only cost they will incur. (For example, you can’t contact buyers after the fact and ask them to make an additional payment for shipping.) Choose your shipping settings carefully, as these will determine the amount collected from your buyers.

PayPal’s Seller Protection Policies

PayPal processes all TCGplayer international orders (except for some Canadian orders placed with a credit card), and you are protected under their Seller Protection policies. Note, however, that if a chargeback is leveled against your store for an order placed by an international buyer on TCGplayer, and the dispute is lost, you will be responsible for any PayPal chargeback fees that are incurred. If an order gets lost, PayPal will only cover you as a vendor if you are able to supply tracking that shows door to door delivery. Many countries do not offer door to door tracking and delivery, so there may be instances where PayPal will not cover you if you cannot 100% prove the order was delivered.

For more information, please see our help file on international buyer disputes.

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