International Shipping Suggestions

In addition to our domestic Shipping FAQ, International Sales require additional calculation and concern from a Seller.   The shipping displayed is the only cost a buyer will incur. (For example, you can’t contact buyers after the fact and ask them to make an additional payment for shipping.)


When a Buyer adds a Small Item item to their cart, we apply your assigned Shipping Cost. However, the next Small Item they add to the same cart will not increase the Shipping Cost as the shipping fee threshold has been met for the transaction.

The shipping fee is only calculated once per cart. For example:

  • You have assigned a Small item Shipping Cost of $8.99. This will be applied to the first Small item that is added to a Buyer’s cart. Any subsequent Small items added to the Buyer’s cart for this transaction do not incur additional charges. If the Buyer chooses to add 2 more Small items to their cart they will still only be charged $8.99 for shipping as they have already met your chosen shipping threshold for the first Small item added to their cart.


While orders for Small sized items that include just a few items can be shipped at a relatively low cost, an order that contains a large number of items or a high value of items can incur a more expensive shipping cost.


To offset this, TCGplayer recommends that Sellers participating in International Sales balance their shipping settings to reflect the varied costs of shipping products internationally.

  • For further details and exact Shipping Costs please visit: USPS
  • For more details on Product Sizes please read the following document: Shipping Sizes
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