How do pre-paid Visa and MasterCard purchases and refunds work?

Does TCGplayer accept pre-paid Visa / MasterCard cards?

Yes, TCGplayer does accept pre-paid Visa / MasterCard cards as a method of payment on our platform.  When purchasing with a Visa / MasterCard card please be aware that the card issuer may require you to register your billing address with them before the card can be used with us. Please check the back of the Visa / MasterCard card to see if there are any details available.

How do Refunds work if I've used a Visa / MasterCard card?

Unfortunately, each Visa / MasterCard card issuer has their own rules when it comes to allowing refunds, so you would need to check with the gift card issuer to see if refunds are allowed.  Not sure if the Visa / MasterCard card will accept refunds? Your best option is to purchase a TCGplayer Gift Card with the pre-paid funds so that any refunds you receive will be applied instantly to your TCGplayer account in the form of store credit.

  • It is very important that you not only register your Visa / MasterCard card with the bank issuing it, but also hang onto the card in case any refunds are processed for purchases made on the card.

What if I have difficulties checking out?

If you run into any processing delays after you have registered the billing address, we apologize for the frustration but you will need to use an alternative method of payment.  You may also wish to register your Visa / MasterCard card via PayPal so you can utilize the funds on our site.  

Please contact if you have any other questions or concerns!

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