How do I export shipping info for customer orders?

TCGplayer makes it easy for Marketplace Sellers to export shipping information and use it with most popular shipping platforms, including USPS,, FedEx and Endicia

1. Go to the Orders tab in your Seller Portal.

2. Select the checkbox next to each order you want to extract. Once you make your selections, press the Export Shipping button. This will prompt you to download the newly created CSV file containing all of the shipping information for your selected orders.


3. Open the downloaded CSV to make sure the data is populated correctly. Most of the fields are self-explanatory, but it's important to note that the Product Weight (column K) is in ounces and the Value of Products (column N) is the total cost the Buyer paid for the order without shipping.


4. Import the CSV into the shipping platform of your choice.

Note: Please refer to your specific vendor for additional information and instructions on how to correctly import the information. The following links provide basic troubleshooting help but contact your specific vendor if you run into any difficulties. 



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