Adding Cards to Your Buylist

Once you opt in, you can begin adding the cards you want to your store’s TCGplayer Buylist. For each card name you enter, you’ll be able to set the price you want to pay and the quantity you want, as well as additional criteria.

Note: To display your Buylist on the TCGplayer Marketplace, you must first set up withholdings. However, you can display your Buylist on your Pro Website and Showcase kiosks without setting up withholdings. In that case, your Buylist will be exclusively for in-store sales and trades.



Setting Buylist Prices and Quantities

It’s incredibly easy to add the cards you want to your Buylist. We provide a list of specifications for each card, and all you have to do is check off the boxes.

To manually add cards:

1. Go into your Seller Portal and select the TCGplayer Buylist tab.

2. Click the Buylist Pricing link.

3. Search by product name using the search bar at the top of the page. Make sure to apply your desired filters to refine your search by Set Name, Printing, Condition, Rarity and/or Language.

4. Once you get your search results, locate the specific item you want to add, enter the quantity you want and set the price you’re willing to pay under Your Listing

If you receive the following validation messages, a correction is needed:

  • "Please enter a valid quantity" - The quantity entered is too large.
  • "Please enter a valid number" - The number you entered has invalid characters. Verify your number is correct and contains numbers only. 

5. If you want your listing to go Live immediately, simply toggle from Staged to Live, then click the Save button.

6. If you see a success message, your inventory has been updated. If you see an error message, additional changes are needed.

If you want to add a large group of SKUs to your Buylist, you can also set prices en masse by importing CSV files. To learn how to import CSVs, please refer to Importing and Exporting CSV Files.



Live vs. Staged Inventory

When you set your prices, you have a choice between making them Live or keeping them Staged. This will give you the flexibility to revise your Buylist before allowing Players to submit offers.

Live Inventory:

You can update the quantities and prices of your Live inventory in real time, and the changes will be reflected in the system. Players will be able to submit offers for these products immediately.

Staged Inventory:

When you make changes to your Staged inventory, you will have the option to either Save your updates (which leaves them in Staged) or Move to Live.



Temporarily Suspending Your Buylist

You may temporarily suspend your Buylist participation for any reason (for example, if you want to verify inventory updates that you’ve made to your Buylist). Simply uncheck the Enable Buylist box in the Buylist Settings menu to deactivate your TCGplayer Buylist and prevent future Withholdings. (Note: This box is automatically checked when you sign up for the Buylist.)

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