Receiving Your Buylist Purchases

When cards are purchased using your Withholdings, we add those cards to your TCGplayer Buylist inventory in our warehouse. We will continue to add items to your Buylist inventory until you want to receive your cards.

When you’re ready, you can request to receive your Buylist inventory by submitting a purchase order.

 The button to do this is found in the TCGplayer Buylist tab of your seller portal.


Keep in mind that you’re responsible for all shipping and handling fees.

Prior to requesting a purchase order, please confirm that the address listed in the My Details tab of your seller portal is correct.

Once you receive your Buylist cards in the mail, you can begin listing and selling these cards on the TCGplayer Marketplace. 

One last note: if 30 days have passed since your last purchase order was generated or if the value of your buylist inventory is greater than $20,000, TCGplayer will automatically generate one for you — this ensures that you always have your cards and can begin selling them in-store or online.



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