The Buylist Process – For Players

The TCGplayer Buylist is the fastest way to get cash for cards, with no need to create individual listings or set specific prices.

If you're new to Buylisting please make sure you check out our video tutorials and reviews so you have a better idea of how the process works from start to finish:

All players are welcome to join the Buylist - just login to your existing account and visit the TCGplayer Buylist link. From here you’ll be able to sign up for the Buylist after accepting the Terms of Service for Players. You’ll also have to provide contact information and set your payment preference to either Store Credit or Bank Account so we can pay you for the cards you send in. If you choose payments via Bank Account, you'll need to provide your banking information.

Once your account is set up, you’re ready to make your first Buylist Offer! Remember, the size and value of your Buylist Offers are tied to your Buylist Level, as outlined here.

You can create a Buylist Offer by visiting the TCGplayer Buylist link with the My Account page, and then selecting Create Buylist. You’ll then be able to search for the products you’d like to sell, see the best prices being offered, and add those items to your Buylist Offer. When you’ve added everything, just submit your Buylist Offer and we’ll take you to the next step.

Additional information on managing your Buylist Offers can be found here.

With your list submitted, it’s time to mail in your products. You’ll need to pack everything up securely, add tracking, and ensure the package arrives at TCGPlayer within 6 days from when you originally submitted the offer. You can review shipping instructions and guidelines for the Buylist here.

Once we receive your package at TCGplayer, we’ll get to work right away on processing your order. We’ll make sure each product on your Buylist Offer was received in the right quantity and condition, and if anything doesn’t match up we’ll proceed based upon your settings - either rejecting the discrepancies, accepting them, or notifying you so that you can make an individual choice. Even if you ask to be notified, we’ll automatically accept all items after 72 hours to keep your order moving forward. Additional information about how we receive and process your Buylist Offers can be found here.

After your order has been received and validated, it’s time to get paid! TCGplayer will apply funds to your chosen payment method. Additional information about payments and fees can be found here.


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