Player Buylist Offers Through Trade-In - Receiving and Processing

When TCGplayer receives your Buylist Offer through TCGplayer Trade-In, we’ll automatically update the status of the offer to Pending to let you know that we’ve started to review the items you sent. If we encounter anything that doesn’t match the offer (like the wrong number of cards, or cards in a different condition than submitted) we’ll refer to your settings when deciding how to proceed.

Additional information on how we review and grade your cards can be found here. If we are unable to validate one or more of the items you’ve sent in, we’ll ship it back to you. Additional information on returning shipments and the associated fees can be found here.

After we’re done reviewing your order, we’ll update the status to show Complete and payment will be sent to your account. Additional information on how payments are made can be found here.

The accuracy of your order (both in number of cards and condition of cards) is used to determine your Trade-In/Buylist Level. Additional information about your Trade-In/Buylist Level can be found here.

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