How do Trade-In Fees Work?

TCGplayer Trade-In is a great way to get extra money or store credit for cards you no longer need.


During Trade-In signup, you can choose either TCGplayer Store Credit or Bank Account as your payment method. You can only choose one option, and the payment selection can be changed at any time in your Trade-In/Buylist settings. The payment method you choose will be used to automatically send you payments after we’ve received, reviewed your offers and all adjustments have been approved.

Payments are initiated on Mondays and Thursdays of each week (excluding Holidays).

  • If you choose a direct deposit to your bank account, it may take up to 4 additional business days for the funds to appear in your account once the payment is initiated.
  • If you choose TCGplayer store credit as your method of payment, the funds should be available to you on the same day the payment is initiated.

As a Player participating in the Trade-In program, the default payment method is Store Credit. Store Credit is an easier payment option since banking information is not required and your Store Credit balance is available directly within

My Payments

You can review your payment information in the My Payments section of the Buylist Admin Panel. You can review previous payments and see upcoming or pending payments, which will detail the matching Buylist Offer number, any adjustments, and an estimated arrival date for the total amount. Your Past Payment History will also be available and shows all of your previous Buylist Offers.

Changing Your Payment Method

If you currently have payments set up via Bank Account and would like to switch to Store Credit or vice versa, follow the steps below:

  • Log into, go to “My Account” and select “TCGplayer Buylist” option in the left panel.
  • Click the “Edit Payment Information” button.
  • You will be presented with a Payment Information screen with options for Store Credit and Bank Account.
    • If you would like TCGplayer Store Credit as payment, simply choose the Store Credit button and press the "save" button. Your payment preference will be saved and used for all future payments.

  •   If you would like your payment via direct deposit follow the instructions below: 
    • When submitting your bank account information for your checking or savings account, please be careful. If the incorrect information is entered, it can delay your payment.
  • Enter the "Account Name" this field can be anything that will help you remember which account you have tied to your payment type. So for instance, you can use a nickname like "Chandra's Checking."
  • Enter the "Routing Number" this field is for your bank account routing number which identifies the location where your account was opened. Your routing number should only be 9 digits in length.
  • Enter the "Account Number" this field is for your bank account number which is unique to your personal account. Your account number should be 10 - 12 digits in length.
  • Once you have completely filled out all of the required fields press the "save" button. Your payment preference will be saved and used for all future payments.


Sometimes, when we review your Buylist Offer we may find a discrepancy about a card’s condition, quantity or something else. If we need to ship these items back to you, you’ll be responsible for the shipping costs. Additional information about how that cost is calculated can be found here.

We’ll try to debit your current Buylist Offer to pay for any shipping costs first, but if that’s not enough, we’ll debit your bank account on file.

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