Buylist Offer Creation and Process

It’s time to create a Buylist Offer.  From within your account page, select the "TCGplayer Buylist" link and then "My Buylist Offers".  At this point you will be able to search for product that you wish to sell in the Buylist Program.  You’ll be able to choose the condition of your product as well as the quantity. When it comes to card condition, consult the TCGplayer guidelines here.  We also have a handy video tutorial to assist you with conditioning your cards, check out the video here.

You’ll be able to keep adding products to your Buylist Offer and see the best available pricing!  We suggest that you keep your Buylist Offer to 200 cards or less or the checkout process may not be successful.  Once you’ve completed adding all your products to your Buylist Offer, you’ll Optimize your offer which locks in prices at that point in time, and reserves both Store payment in the form of the Store’s allocated Buying Power and the Store’s Buylist Pricing.

Lastly, you’re going to want to make sure that you’ve defined your preference on how to handle discrepancies.  Discrepancies would arise where there is a difference between the condition you assessed the product at and the condition TCGplayer assessed the product at.  To choose how to handle discrepancies navigate within your Buylist account area to "My Buylist Settings" and select the "My Discrepancy Preferences" link.  You can choose to "Selectively review any adjustments" and decide yourself, automatically "Automatically accept any adjustments", or automatically "Automatically reject any adjustments".  

If you choose to "Selectively review any adjustments" please keep in mind that we have the following parameters set up for adjustment review:

For any Discrepancy where the difference between the expected product's value and the received product's value is both less than $5.00 and less than 10% of the original expected product's value if the product value is over $10, OR less than $1.00 if the original expected product's value is $10 or less, the received product is automatically 'Accepted'.

You will be responsible to cover the shipping costs as outlined here.

You are now ready to mail in your products for processing.  For tips on packing your order and the shipping process, click here.

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