Importing and Exporting CSV Files

The easiest way to add your desired cards, quantities and prices to your TCGplayer Buylist is by importing them en masse using our CSV templates. This will save you the time of having to manually input each item.



Formatting Your CSV for Import

1. Download the CSV template below that fits your needs.

All Cards



Do not delete any columns from these templates, and do not manipulate any of the text within columns A through I.

If the information in columns A through I is altered in any way, your import will not process accurately. The only two columns that you should add to are J and K.

2. Look for the cards you want to add to your Buylist.

Start with the set name (organized alphabetically), then the product name (also alphabetically), then condition (NM, LP, MP + foil if applicable). You can also search by number and rarity if you prefer.

3. Once you find the row that has the card and condition that you want, tab over to the Add to Buylist Quantity field and enter the number of the card that you want to add to or remove from your Buylist.

Note: The number you input here will add X number of cards to your Buylist, so if you already have 5 of that card on your Buylist and you want to increase to 10, you should write “5” in this field. If you have 5 of that card on your Buylist and you want to decrease to 0, you should write "-5" in this field.

If you have any pending orders for a specific card, you will only be able to subtract the total amount of cards minus the amount of pending orders. For example: If you have a Buylist Quantity of 8 for a specific card and you want to reduce that number to 0 and you have a Pending Purchase Qty of 2, you will only be able to subtract 6 cards. The Pending Purchase QTY field can be used to help determine the number of cards already purchased. This value will be shown in the CSV export file, but is listed for information purposes only and will not be used during import.


4. Add the price you want to pay for each card under Set Buylist Price.

5. Delete any rows that do not contain additions to your Buylist.



Exporting Your Current Buylist

1. Open the TCGplayer Buylist tab from within the Seller Portal.

2. Click on Buylist Pricing and select Export Buylist Pricing under View Selector.

3. The Export a Buylist screen will open, allowing you to export your Buylist in one of two ways. Either:

a. Choose a product line, set and condition, then click “Download CSV.”

b. If you want to download the entire Buylist, simply click “Download My Buylist.”



CSV Headings Glossary

Reference-Only Fields:

Do not change any of the values in the columns underneath these headings, as this information is needed to accurately import your Buylist requests.

TCGplayer ID - a SKU number used by TCGplayer to match up the card to our product listing site

Product Line - the card game the product is from (currently only Magic: The Gathering)

Set Name - the specific set a card is from within a product line (Aether Revolt, Kaladesh, etc.)

Product Name - the name of the card itself (Panharmonicon, Aether Hub, etc.)

Number - the card number

Rarity - the card rarity

Condition - Near Mint, Lightly Played, Moderately Played and the same for foils

Buylist Market Price - the current “true value” of each card available on via the Buylist (based on the prices at which the card has been selling averaged across multiple recent transactions)

Buylist High Price - the current High price of each card available on via the Buylist (*Note: this value will only be shown on exported CSV files. It will not be available on the templates above for importing)

Buylist Quantity - the number of that card that’s currently on your Store’s Buylist

Where to Input Your Desired Cards:

Add to Buylist Quantity - the quantity of that card that you want to add to your Buylist

(Note: Simply leave this cell blank if you don’t want to add any more of that particular card.)

Set Buylist Price - the price you want to pay for each of that card (based on its specific product/set/condition)


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