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Below is some information to get you started with Deck Builder. In the past, Deck Builder was linked to user forum accounts, but that is no longer the case. We no longer have an active forum, so all new decks will be linked to your TCGplayer account.


New to Deck Builder?

Welcome! Deck Builder gives you a platform to design, save, edit and display your card decks. You can also see others’ decks to explore new strategies! If you are new to Deck Builder, you can use your TCGplayer account login to create and manage your decks at See the "how to" section below for more information on getting started.



Q: Will my saved decks be deleted or are they still available?

A: You'll no longer be able to access your old decks. However, you can manage new decks by visiting


Q: If I had a previous forum account, can I use that to log into the Deck Builder?

A: No, you can no longer login with your forum account. You will now need to login to Deck Builder with your TCGplayer account or create a new account if you don’t already have one.


Q: Are forums going to be reactivated or is Deck Builder replacing the forums?

A: Since Deck Builder serves a different purpose than the forums did, we consider it a completely new resource, rather than a replacement. The forums have simply been removed, and at the moment, there are no plans to bring them back online.


Q: If I forgot my password or login information, do I need to sign up again to use the Deck Builder?

A: You need to login with your TCGplayer account username and password.


How To Use the Deck Builder:

Below are the step-by-step directions to guide you through the Deck Builder. If you have any questions that aren’t answered within this page, please contact

1. Login with your TCGplayer account username and password. If you do not have an account already, you can create one on the login screen in the New Customer section.


2. Go to the Deck Builder page at


3. Welcome to Deck Builder! On the main screen you will see options for: Search Deck, Submit a Deck, Standard Decks and Modern Decks. In addition, you will see decks listed in various categories for you to browse.

a. Search Decks - From here, you can search for decks using any of the following categories: Format, Card(s), Player Name, Location, Placed, Tags, Date or Colors.

After entering the search criteria, click the “Search” button to view the results. The returned decks will be shown in a grid. Click on the Deck Name to view the deck details.



b. Submit a Deck - From here, you will be able to build a deck. List the cards in the Main deck and the Sideboard and enter the Deck Name, Format, Latest Set, Tags, Description and Player Nickname. You will also be able to set the deck to public or private. Once you are finished, click the “Validate” button.


If there are any issues, such as unrecognized cards or cards that are not legal for the format selected, you will be shown an error. After you make the necessary changes, click the “Revalidate” button.

If all issues are resolved, you can then complete your deck build by clicking the “Submit Deck” button. Once your deck has been saved, you can access it at any time.


c. Standard Decks - Search through a list of Standard Magic decks


d. Modern Decks - Search through a list of Modern Magic decks

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