Verified Sellers

Searching for products from high-quality Sellers is easy on! Using the “Verified Seller” filter option will return products only from sellers with an established selling history and ongoing positive customer feedback. A Verified Seller must be either a Gold Star Seller or a Certified Hobby Shop to qualify: 

  • Gold Star Sellers are Sellers that have shown a high level of customer service and a solid record of successful transactions. Sellers that have a Feedback Rating of at least 99.5% and that have had at least 100 transactions within the last 90 days are identified as Gold Star Sellers. Gold Star sellers are identified by our Gold Star icon .
  • Certified Hobby Shops are Sellers that have officially verified with TCGplayer that they are a licensed reseller of gaming merchandise and have a storefront location. Shopping from a Certified Hobby Shop guarantees that a customer is purchasing their product from a genuine brick and mortar gaming store. Certified Hobby Shops are identified by the icon.


Buying from a Verified Seller means buying from a store you can be confident in. To find products from these quality sellers, simply check the box for “Verified Sellers” in the Seller Filters section of the product search page where you see a green checkmark icon . You can also find the “Verified Sellers” filter on the pricing section of individual product pages.

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