Buylist Max Listing

Your Buylist Max Listing is the greatest quantity of a single product that you want to purchase within a defined time frame. Setting a maximum quantity will help prevent a single customer from being able to fill your entire requested quantity of a product and will allow you time to react to pricing fluctuations. Buylist Max Listing is set for each card/condition combination.




There are two variables that need to be set for Buylist Max Listing:

1. Quantity Limit - This is the number of items for each product condition that will be listed within the Buylist. For example, if the quantity limit is set to 5, it will be set to 5 for Wandering Fumarole - Moderately Played and it will also be set to 5 for Wandering Fumarole - Lightly Played.

2. Auto Relist Products Time Frame - This time frame determines how soon the inventory quantities will be replenished. There are three options to choose from:

a. Instantly - The listing quantity will replenish every minute. This option provides the shortest response time for the store, but has the greatest quantity available to the Players.

b. Every 15 Minutes - This option provides a short response time for the store and a short wait time for Players.

c. Every 24 Hours - This option provides the most time for stores to respond to pricing fluctuations and has the smallest quantity available to Players.



Setting Your Buylist Max Listing

1. Click on the My Account link in the upper right corner.

2. Click on Seller Portal in the gray panel on the left.

3. Within the Seller Portal, click on the TCGplayer Buylist tab.

4. Click the My Withholding and Settings link.

5. Under Listing Limits, set the following:

a. Check the Enable box to turn on Buylist Max Listing.

b. In the text box, enter the maximum listing quantity (must be a number).

c. Choose an Auto Relist Products time frame (Instantly, Every 15 Minutes or Every 24 Hours).

d. Click the Save button to set Buylist Max Listing.




A Store wants to buy 40 copies of Aerial Responder - Lightly Played, so they update their Buylist to include it. They only want to buy 5 at a time, so they set their quantity limit to 5 with an Auto Relist Products time frame of every 15 minutes.

Player 1 wants to sell 5 copies of Aerial Responder - Lightly Played, so he submits a Buylist Offer for the 5 copies and the inventory for this card will go to zero for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, the inventory listing will replenish and go back to 5.

While Player 1 is submitting his Buylist Offer, Player 2 also wants to sell his copies of Aerial Responder - Lightly Played. Player 2 also submits a Buylist Offer for 5 copies. Player 2 can sell his cards at the same time as Player 1, since the max listing limit is set for each Player individually.

After both offers are submitted, the Store’s desired quantity drops from 40 to 30, and the store now has 15 minutes to react to the spike in sales if they choose to.

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