International Order Eligibility


Sellers who meet the requirements for eligibility will have the option of listing their product to international customers through TCGplayer.

TCGplayer International Sales Eligibility:

  • 300 or more delivered and completed sales within the last 90 days.
  • 99.5% or better Feedback Rating for 30/90/365-day evaluations.
  • Respond to all Buyer Messages in under 2 days.

Please note that these numbers are reevaluated daily.

Please also note that Sellers will not receive payment for international orders until after the Estimated Delivery Date, which is 21 business days after the order has been placed.

Opting in

To enable International Sales, you must complete our one-time opt-in and agree to our Terms of Service.

You can visit your 'My Details' tab within our Seller Dashboard, and select the checkbox to opt in.


International orders are processed via PayPal with the exception of Canadian orders, which can use either PayPal or credit card. PayPal orders are protected under their Seller Protection policies.


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