5/29/24 | Conditioning Release Notes | All Product Lines | Extra Gloss Errors, Faded & Blurry Text, & Speckled Foil Errors

5/29/24 Notes Overview

These conditioning release notes contain:

  1. Details about the extra gloss error in MtG and how it is treated in TCGplayer’s Authentication Center.
  2. Details about how cards with faded and blurry text are treated in TCGplayer’s Authentication Center.
  3. Details about the speckled foil error in MtG and how impacted cards are treated in TCGplayer’s Authentication Center.

Please note the condition issues outlined in these release notes will be taken into consideration for conditioning RIs starting July 1, 2024.


Extra Gloss Error


The extra gloss error occurs when excess gloss is applied to the surface of non-foil cards during the manufacturing process. This causes the black layers on the card to appear gray or scaly. It may be especially noticeable in black borders. It may also cause colors to appear faded across the card. To date, this error is exclusive to MtG products printed in Japan.

How the Extra Gloss Error Impacts Condition in Direct by TCGplayer

Cards with the extra gloss error are ineligible at Near Mint. Lightly Played is the highest condition these cards can be listed at.

  • Reasoning: This issue has become increasingly common among Japanese print runs of Magic: The Gathering cards. The vast majority of cards with this defect fit within the parameters of an acceptable Lightly Played card, but do not match the expectations of a Near Mint card due to the “scaly” or grayed out appearance.

Image Examples

Extra Gloss Error 2A.jpg


Extra Gloss Error Spectrum 4A.jpeg



Faded and Blurry Text Update


Faded text is the result of a print error where the text’s ink is under-saturated, resulting in a light gray or transparent appearance. Blurred text occurs due to improper application of the text layer during manufacturing, causing the text to have a “smeared” or blurred appearance.

How Faded and Blurry Text Impact Condition in Direct by TCGplayer

If any text is faded to the degree that it appears illegible or nearly illegible, the card will be considered damaged. Text faded to this degree may appear light gray, translucent, or partially transparent. If any text is blurred to the point that characters are missing or entirely obscured as to be illegible, the card will be considered damaged.

  • Reasoning: Missing or obscured text may affect a card’s playability and therefore impacts the card’s integrity. As long as the full text is legible, there is no impact on the card’s integrity from this defect alone.

Image Examples

Faded text qualifying as damage:

Faded Text - Severity 3 1.JPG



Example of blurred text (right) with a non-blurry control card (left). Important: This blurring does not qualify the card as damaged.

Blurred Text with Control Comparison (not damaged).jpg



Speckled Foil Error


The speckled foil error occurs when ink fails to adhere properly to the foil layer of a card. In most cases, this results in the foil layer showing through the ink as patches of “speckles.”

How the Speckled Foil Error Impacts Condition in Direct by TCGplayer

Speckled foil should be measured according to the defect measurements contained in the Visual Conditioning Matrix, which is linked in TCGplayer’s Card Conditioning Standards PDF. These measurements are reiterated below:

Contiguous area* allowable:

  • Slight - .25cm², allowed at NM
  • Minor - .50cm², allowed at LP and MP
  • Moderate - 1cm², allowed at HP
  • Damaged - Greater than 1cm²
    *Contiguous area is defined as multiple instances occurring within 5mm of each other. If 5mm apart or greater, count each instance separately and apply TCGplayer’s point system.

  • When using TCGplayer’s Point System: Follow the points associated with defects as specified in the Card Conditioning Standards PDF and Visual Conditioning Matrix.
  • Reasoning: The pre-existing slight/minor/moderate criteria fit this particular issue well within the parameters of each condition’s tolerance for imperfections.

Image Examples

Speckled Foil Error_CS1.JPG



Speckled Foil Error_CS2.JPG

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