Adding an Image Gallery to Your Pro Website

To add an image gallery page to your TCGplayer Pro website, you'll first need to upload the images and then create the page to display the images.

Adding Images to Your Media Bank

Before you can create an image gallery page on your Pro website, you'll first need to upload images to your account. You can either add images to an existing folder or create a new folder.

To create a new image folder:

1. Go to the Media section in the left menu of the Content Management System (CMS).

2. Click on the ellipsis next to Media and select the Folder option.


3. Name the folder and click the Save button. The folder will be highlighted after creation.


To add images to an existing folder:

1. Highlight the desired folder on the left Media section.


2. Once the folder is highlighted, drag the desired images to the file upload section, or select “click here to choose files” and select images from your computer.


Note: Files for your gallery must be inside their own folder rather than the Media section as a whole. If you drag a folder into the upload section, a folder will be created automatically, but if you are uploading individual images, you'll have to create a new folder first. Right click on the Media label and select create.

3. Once the photos are uploaded, they will appear as image tiles below the upload section.


4. If you want your images to appear in a specific order, right click on the folder name and choose Sort. You will be able to drag and drop the images to the preferred order.


5. If all images uploaded correctly, click the Save button to save your images. The images will be added to your folder and you will be able to expand the folder to view them.


6. By default, the image name will be the name of the uploaded file. You can change the name and add a description by clicking on the image name in the left menu. The name and description will be shown in the Gallery view.


Creating an Image Gallery Page

1. Hover over Home, click the ellipsis, and select the Image Gallery option.


2. Within the Page Content tab, enter your desired page title, headline, description, and main content, then select a menu highlight color.


3. Click on the Image Gallery tab and click the plus sign to add images. The Media Picker will open and allow you to choose your image folder. After selecting your folder, click Submit. The folder will be displayed within the Image Gallery tab. Note: You must select a folder and not a specific image. If an image is selected nothing will be shown on the Image Gallery page.


4. Save and publish your page. It will now be visible on your website.


Users will be able to click on any image and scroll through the image gallery with left/right arrows. If you added a description to the image in the Media section, it will appear under the image with “Image X of Y” and an X to close the image modal.


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