Setting Prices for Your Channels

With Pro Seller by TCGplayer's channel management tools, you can set different prices for your in-store and online sales channels using the Pricing tab. When only the TCGplayer Marketplace Channel is enabled, the Pricing tab functions will perform the same way. However, when the My Store Channel is enabled, the Pricing tab will function slightly differently to account for the second channel.

Product Catalog

Two columns will be added to the Product Catalog section in the Pricing tab to account for the My Store Channel:

  • My Store Reserve Quantity - The system will hold this quantity for sale only on the My Store Channel. This quantity will not be listed for sale in the TCGplayer Marketplace Channel.


    • Total Quantity = 10
    • My Store Reserve Quantity = 2
    • Quantity available to list on the TCGplayer Marketplace Channel = 8
    • All 10 will be available for sale on the My Store Channel
  • My Store Price - The price that will appear on the My Store Channel


Pricing Validation Rules

With the two additional My Store Channel columns, additional validation rules are also required. The following columns are editable on the Pricing tab Product Catalog when both channels are enabled:

  • TCG Marketplace Price - This field is always required.
  • My Store Reserve Quantity - When a quantity is entered in this field, "My Store Price" is required.
  • My Store Price - This price can be entered regardless of Quantity.


CSV Exports

The two columns described above, My Store Reserve Quantity and My Store Price, will also be added to the CSV exports (Export from Live, Export Filtered CSV). When importing prices with the inventory CSV, it is important to follow the Pricing Validation Rules outlined above. If the prices and quantities entered do not follow these rules, the import process will return validation errors.

  1. Ensure the TCG Marketplace Price is always populated.
  2. Ensure a My Store Price is entered if the My Store Reserve Quantity is greater than 0.
  3. The Total Quantity column in the CSV export is for reference only. Updates to this field will not be applied during import. Updates to Total Quantity will need to be made in the Add to Quantity column.
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