Managing Orders with Channels

If you're part of Pro Seller by TCGplayer and using our channel management tools, you'll notice some areas in your Seller Portal that indicate which channel your orders came through: Marketplace or My Store.

Orders Tab

The Search Orders section includes an Advanced Filter for Order Channel with the following options: All Channels, TCGplayer Marketplace and My Store.



The Order List section includes a Channel column to the right of Order Date and left of Status. This shows you which channel an order came through.


You'll also see the Order Channel in the General Info section of each individual order.


When refunding an order on the Order Refund page, you'll see the Order Channel under Order Information.


Payments Tab

If your My Store channel is enabled, you'll see a channel dropdown under Estimated Future Payments and Past Payment History that shows how much you received through each channel.


Messages Tab

You'll also see the Order Channel in the Order Details section within individual messages.


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