Managing In-Store Pickup Pay Later Orders

If you're part of Pro Seller by TCGplayer, customers can place an in-store pickup order from your Pro Seller by TCGplayer website or kiosk. Customers placing in-store pickup orders will have the option to select “Pay Later” and complete transactions in your store. As with regular orders, you can manage in-store pickup pay later orders using the Orders tab of your Seller Portal.

Finding In-Store Pickup Pay Later Orders

  1. Go to the Orders tab of the Seller Portal to view all of your orders.
  2. Use the Advanced Filters to check "In-Store Pickup" in Additional Channel Information.
  3. Use the "Buyer Paid" filter to select "No" to view pay later orders.
  • To just see new orders, use the "Pickup Status" to select "Received".
  • To just see orders from a certain time frame, use the "Order Date" filters.
  • To just see orders that need to be pulled, use the "Pull for Pickup" Quick Filter.


Once you’ve found the order you want to manage, click the order number or the “Manage” button to view and edit the order’s details.

Editing In-Store Pickup Pay Later Orders

You can edit the quantity or price of the products in the order. This is useful if a customer wants to change their order, or if you want to honor a promotion or other deal.

  1. Enter the new quantity and/or price values.
  2. Save your changes by clicking “Submit Updates”.


Any quantities that you remove from the order will be added back to Live Inventory

Example: A customer orders three copies of Jace, the Mind Sculptor (NM, Eternal Masters) and later decides they only want two. When you change the quantity to “2” and click “Submit Updates”, the third copy will return to Live Inventory.

However, If a customer orders every copy you have of a given product, then any quantities of that product that are removed from the order will be added to Staged Inventory instead of Live.

Example: You have nine copies of Mox Opal (LP, Scars of Mirrodin) and a customer orders all nine of them. If you remove any copies by editing the product table, they will be sent to Staged Inventory. The Revision History will confirm that the product has been sent to Staged Inventory.

Printing a Packing Slip

To print a packing slip, click the "Print Packing Slip" button in the Shipping Address section to generate a printable PDF.


Canceling an Order

To cancel an order, click the "Cancel Order" button in the Order Actions section.


You will arrive at a cancellation screen. From here, you can record Cancellation Origin, Cancellation Reason and Inventory Changes. You can also enter notes in the Cancellation Reason text box for internal use.


When you’re ready, click “Cancel Order” at the bottom of the screen to complete the cancellation.

If you have any questions about managing your in-store pickup orders, please reach out to our Customer Service Team.

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