How do the shipping and handling changes impact my store?

What if I want to charge more than $0.99 for orders. Can I do that?

Yes! You're welcome to charge more than $0.99 shipping for orders under $5. If you set a shipping cost of $0.99 or above, this shipping cost will apply to all orders.


I'm a Level 1-3 Marketplace seller and unable to set my shipping rates to $0.00. How will this affect me?

Your shipping will be $0.99 (or higher if you choose) for all orders (both below and above $5). Once you get to Level 4, you'll be able to set the shipping rate of your choice.


How will the $0.99 shipping be calculated with commission and other fees?

Commission and other fees do apply to shipping and handling.


Is the $0.99 charged per product or per order?

The $0.99 applies to any seller order. This will encourage buyers to place more of your products in their carts as they'll get a better deal.


How will this change my pricing?

You should review all pricing systems you have in place, as the shipping changes may have wide effects on the marketplace. You should especially review your minimum price rules in MassPrice or using CSV formulas, as there's no longer going to be a minimum and customers will be able to purchase all cards individually.


What will happen if I set shipping to less than $0.99?

If you set shipping to a value less than $0.99, orders less than $5 will still include a $0.99 shipping fee. However, orders $5 and over will include the shipping fee you have set.


Change Log

  • 6/8/22 - Updated shipping prices.
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