How do I collect sales tax on my products?

With many states changing their sales tax legislation, compliance is more complicated than ever. That’s why we’re working with Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE to offer you the most accurate, accessible tax solution on the market.

TCGplayer is providing a free Thomson Reuters account with access to ONESOURCE for select sellers on the TCGplayer Marketplace. ONESOURCE makes automation easy by calculating and collecting tax in accordance with your settings and providing you with reports on your collection and tax data. All you have to do is input your information—such as which states you need to collect in—and ONESOURCE takes care of the rest. Keep in mind that you should only be collecting tax in states where you’ve already registered to collect taxes, and Thomson Reuters does not automatically register you with the state.

Getting Started

After our customer service agent creates your account, you’ll receive an email with information about accessing your Thomson Reuters profile. Follow the link provided to go to the Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE website.


Logging into Thomson Reuters

The link provided in the email will take you directly to the login screen, where the username field will be automatically populated with the name associated with your account (usernames are formatted as firstname.lastname.tcg).

Enter the password that we provided to you. Once you log in with this generic password, you’ll be able to reset it and choose a personalized password for future logins.


When you log in, you’ll see the following screen:


Follow the instructions to access ONESOURCE via various browsers, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Welcome to your account!

Now that you’ve successfully logged in, you can access reports, information about tax policy changes and all your store’s collection data.

For detailed information about setting your account up for your tax jurisdictions, read How do I set up locations for tax collection on Thomson Reuters?

If you’re a TCGplayer Pro seller with multiple stores, you can contact your Customer Success Manager for help setting up collections in multiple locations.

You can learn more about Thomson Reuters and ONESOURCE on their website.

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