How do I set up locations for tax collection on Thomson Reuters?

Once you have access to your Thomson Reuters account, you can set up tax jurisdictions for all the different locations in which you need to collect. 

Simply follow these steps:

1. On the homepage, find My Applications, then click the orange box below it labeled Indirect Tax.


2. Click the Configuration tab at the top of the next page.


3. A sidebar menu will appear. Select Basic Setup, then click Tax Jurisdictions from the list of options that appear to the right of the sidebar.


4. You will be taken to the Tax Jurisdictions page. In the gray box, under the Establishment tab, select Add Tax Jurisdiction.


5. From the Company drop down menu, select the store you would like to edit.


6. In the Country dropdown list, select the country in which you will be selling.


7. Below this, you can choose the states, provinces or territories in which you sell. For each location, make sure you check the box labeled “Is Established” to select it.


8. Each time you click “Is Established,” a new box will open with additional options for that location. By default, you will be set up to collect tax in all authorities within the state, province or territory, but you can modify this as needed in this box. You can also select start and end dates for your collection.


9. Once you are satisfied with the locations you have selected, click Save in the lower left corner of the screen.


10. Congratulations! Thomson Reuters will now collect sales tax on all orders from buyers in the selected regions.

Additional questions? If you’re part of TCGplayer Pro, contact your Customer Success Manager or email for help setting up your collection parameters. Otherwise, submit a customer service request.

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