How do I use Thomson Reuters’ Reporting?

Once you set up your Thomson Reuters account, you can access a variety of different reports on your sales and taxes.

On the homepage, select the Reports tab.


You can view all the available types of reports on the left-hand side of the Reports page.


Transaction Extract


Transaction Extract is one of the most useful reports you’ll find on Thomson Reuters for ad hoc reporting. It includes 19 customizable filters and the ability to select Attribute Prompts, Columns, Sorting and Output File Type preferences.

1. Prompt Filters - Create a report with the exact data you need by using the filter options below:

  • Company Name(s)
  • Date Type
  • Date Range
  • Start/End Date Range
  • Taxable Country(s)
  • Taxable State(s)
  • Taxable Province(s)
  • Document Number
  • Tax Type(s)
  • Transaction Type(s)
  • Authority Type(s)
  • Authority Name
  • Product Code
  • Commodity Code
  • Customer Number
  • Vendor Number
  • Tax Direction
  • Company Role(s)
  • Omit Fully Exempt Transactions

2. Attribute Prompts - Create prompts such as (>) greater than or (=) equal to for further customization.

  • Document Level Attributes
  • Line Level Attributes


3. Columns - Select the columns you want in your report and customize the display name and order in which they appear. This is how the export will be visually presented.

  • Column
  • Display Name


4. Sorting - Use the Sorting section to specify how the data within the columns should be ordered (ascending/descending).

  • Columns to sort on
  • Sorting preference


5. Output - Set your preferred output format.

  • Browser
  • Excel (XLSX)
  • Comma Separated Value (CSV)


You can create and save the Transaction Extract report template for later use. There is no limit to the number of templates you can define, so you have the freedom to create whatever reports are most useful for your business.

Other Useful Reports

US Document Details

For the selected company or companies, the US Document Details report will show you detailed line transaction data per document. This report is typically run monthly, but you can generate it more frequently during and after the period‐end closing process. The report includes only US tax results and taxable transactions. If an audit record exists (meaning a tax record has been created), the transaction will be included on this report. This includes Exempt and Not Liable lines.   

US Document Drilldown

For the selected company or companies, the US Document Drilldown report will show you summarized transaction data per document, document line and tax line. It’s used to reconcile data between ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Determination and the ERP system. This report has two levels of detail. You can drill down from the top level Document Summary to the Transaction level.  

US State Summary

The US State Summary report includes a summary of US transactions by state. It summarizes exempt and taxable amounts calculated at the State, County, City and District authority level. This report does not include reversals.

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