TCGplayer Infinite FAQ

What is TCGplayer Infinite? 

TCGplayer Infinite is a subscription rewards program that provides free shipping through TCGplayer Direct, up to 3% store credit back on all singles across every game (on top of other promotions) and much more. Go Infinite


What are subscriber bonus bucks?

Bonus bucks are TCGplayer store credit that we add to your account when you make a qualifying purchase. It’s our way of saying thank you for shopping on


How do I earn subscriber bonus bucks?

With an active subscription to TCGplayer Infinite, you earn bonus bucks on all orders of card singles valuing $35 before shipping and taxes. This is in addition to bonus bucks you can earn during promotions. This is available on all card singles: Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon and every other game on Bonus bucks cap at $50 per qualifying product purchased and are non-transferable.

If I have TCGplayer Infinite, do I still earn more bonus bucks during promotions?
Yes! In D&D terms, the bonuses stack. So, if your order qualifies for 2% bonus bucks from TCGplayer Infinite and 5% bonus bucks from a limited-time promotion, you’ll earn 7% bonus bucks on that order. 


When will I receive my bonus bucks?

It depends on how you earned them. We issue TCGplayer Infinite bonus bucks at the start of every month, for all qualifying purchases from the previous month. We issue promotional bonus bucks 2-3 business days after the promotion ends.


Why didn’t I earn subscriber bonus bucks on my last order?

To qualify for bonus bucks through TCGplayer Infinite, your order must be $35 or more before shipping and taxes.


How much does TCGplayer Infinite cost?

TCGplayer Infinite is just $6.99 per month. 


When do I get charged for TCGplayer Infinite?

You will be charged on the same day every month, starting on the day you sign up.

If that day is not part of the current month, you will be charged on the last day of the month. So, if you’re normally charged on the 31st, in February you’ll be charged on the 28th (or the 29th if it’s a leap year).


What do I do if I have multiple TCGplayer Infinite charges in one month?

You should only be charged for TCGplayer Infinite once per month. If you see additional charges, contact our customer service team.


How can I pay for TCGplayer Infinite?

We accept Visa and Mastercard. You cannot pay for TCGplayer Infinite with store credit, whether its from bonus bucks or a gift card. Manage your account to update your payment information.


What do you mean by free shipping?

As a TCGplayer Infinite subscriber, you get free standard shipping whenever you buy Magic: The Gathering singles through TCGplayer Direct—no matter how many cards you order. On non-Direct orders, you pay the shipping fee set by the seller as normal.


What do you mean my order is shipped first?

As a TCGplayer Infinite subscriber, your order is shipped first when you order Magic: The Gathering cards through TCGplayer Direct. That means we package your orders before anyone who isn't a subscriber.


Can I pay for more than one month of TCGplayer Infinite?

At this time, you can only pay for TCGplayer Infinite a month at a time.


How do I view and manage my subscription?

From your account management page, you can view your TCGplayer Infinite account, status and payment history. You can also update any of your information or cancel your subscription.


How do I unlock more subscriber bonus bucks?

The longer you stay subscribed to TCGplayer Infinite, the more bonus bucks you earn on qualifying orders. You can also stack subscriber bonus bucks with any bonus bucks you earn by shopping during promotional periods. 


1 Day

1% bonus bucks

3 Months

2% bonus bucks

1 Year

3% bonus bucks


Keep in mind that if you let your subscription lapse, you will lose any benefits you’ve unlocked for maintaining your subscription.


Why am I getting a message that there’s a problem with my payment method?

You will get an email notification if we cannot renew your subscription with your current payment information. You should update your payment method from your account management page.


How long do I have to fix my payment method? Will I lose the extra bonus bucks I’ve unlocked?

You have until your next billing date to fix your payment method. If your method is not updated by then, your subscription will lapse and you will lose all the benefits you unlocked for maintaining your subscription.


How do I cancel my TCGplayer Infinite subscription?

You can cancel anytime from your account management page.


If I cancel my subscription but then rejoin, will I rejoin with the bonus bucks I unlocked before?

No. If you cancel and restart your subscription, you will lose all the benefits you unlocked for maintaining your subscription.


Is TCGplayer Infinite available internationally?

Unfortunately, TCGplayer Infinite is currently only available in the U.S. You can sign up to be notified when TCGplayer Infinite is available in your region.

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