TCGplayer Subscription FAQ

What is the TCGplayer Subscription? 

TCGplayer Subscription is our rewards program for shoppers. With TCGplayer Subscription, your Direct by TCGplayer order is packaged and processed before all other orders in our Authentication Center, shipping is free with tracking through Direct (no minimum purchase necessary), and you receive extra Store Credit (previously Bonus Bucks) based on your time as a subscriber back on all orders $35 and up.


How do I become a TCGplayer Subscriber?

You can sign up for a TCGplayer Subscription here.


How much does a TCGplayer Subscription cost?

Effective January 23, 2024, a TCGplayer Subscription is just $8.99 per month.


When do I get charged for my TCGplayer Subscription?

You will be charged on the same day every month, starting on the day you sign up.
If that day is not part of the current month, you will be charged on the last day of the month. So, if you’re normally charged on the 31st, in February you’ll be charged on the 28th (or the 29th if it’s a leap year). Please see the TCGplayer Subscription Terms of Service for more information about signup and renewal.

Any Subscriber who joined prior to January 23, 2024 will retain their current subscription price until February 22, 2024, at which point their rate will become $8.99 per month.


What is subscriber Store Credit?

Store Credit is TCGplayer funds that we add to your account when you make a qualifying order of $35 and up. It’s our way of saying thank you for shopping on Unlike other subscription benefits, this one applies to all marketplace orders, not just Direct by TCGplayer.


How do I earn subscriber Store Credit?

With an active subscription to TCGplayer, you earn Store Credit on all orders over $35 before shipping and taxes. This is in addition to Store Credit you can earn during promotions. This subscriber perk is available on all product lines on the TCGplayer Marketplace. Store Credit caps at $50 per qualifying item in an order purchased. Store credit is non-transferable.


How do I unlock more subscriber Store Credit?

Subscribers receive a Loyalty Bonus of Promotional Store Credit based on how long they have maintained an active subscription. The percentage of your Loyalty Bonus is based on the following table:

1 Day

1% Store Credit

3 Months

2% Store Credit

1 Year

3% Store Credit

Keep in mind that if you let your subscription lapse, you will lose any benefits you’ve unlocked for maintaining your subscription.


Is there a maximum amount I can earn each month in store credit?

Yes, your Loyalty Bonus of Promotional Store Credit is earned on the first $10,000 in spend, on qualifying orders, each calendar month. You will still receive the 1, 2, or 3% back on the $10,000 in spend, on qualifying orders, based on your tenure in the program. You will not earn promotional store credit from qualifying purchases on any amount over $10,000.


If I have a TCGplayer Subscription, do I still earn more Store Credit during promotions?

Yes! In D&D terms, the bonuses stack. So, if your order qualifies for a 2% Loyalty Bonus and 5% Store Credit from a limited-time promotion, you’ll earn 7% Store Credit on that order. Distribution of the store credit amounts will take place separately. The 5% Promotional Store Credit will be issued at the end of the promotional period and the 2% Loyalty Bonus will be issued within 3-5 business days following the first business day of the month.


When will I receive my Store Credit?

It depends on how you earned them. We issue TCGplayer Loyalty Bonus Promotional Store Credit at the start of every month for the month prior. Store credit should be issued within 3-5 business days following the first business day of the month, for all qualifying purchases from the previous month. We issue Store Credit from promotions 3-5 business days after the promotion ends.


What do you mean by free tracked shipping?

As a TCGplayer Subscriber, you get free tracked shipping on any order placed through Direct by TCGplayer with no order minimum. On non-Direct orders, you will pay the shipping fee set by the seller. Please note, if you choose expedited shipping, normal shipping fees apply.


Where is my tracking number?

You can find your tracking number by logging into your TCGplayer account. Select My Account, then View Order History from the menu on the left side of the page. Orders with tracking applied will have a tracking number listed under SHIPPED WITH TRACKING on the right side of the order information.


What do you mean my order is shipped first?

As a TCGplayer Subscriber, your Direct by TCGplayer order is shipped first. So, for example, when you order Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, or Pokémon cards through Direct by TCGplayer, our Authentication Center packages and ships your orders before anyone who isn't a subscriber.


Why am I getting a message that there’s a problem with my payment method?

You will get an email notification if we cannot renew your subscription with your current payment information. You should update your payment method from your account management page.


How long do I have to fix my payment method? Will I lose the extra Store Credit I’ve unlocked?

You have until your next billing date to fix your payment method. If your method is not updated by then, your subscription will lapse and you will lose all the benefits you unlocked for maintaining your subscription.


How do I view and manage my subscription?

From your account management page on TCGplayer, you can view your TCGplayer Subscription account, status, and payment history. You can also update any of your information or modify your subscription.


How do I cancel my TCGplayer Subscription?

You can cancel anytime from your account management page on TCGplayer.


Why didn’t I earn subscriber Store Credit on my last order?

To qualify for Store Credit through your TCGplayer Subscription, your order must be $35 or more before shipping and taxes.


Is TCGplayer Subscription available internationally?

Unfortunately, TCGplayer Subscription is currently only available in the U.S.


Can I pay for more than one month of my TCGplayer Subscription?

At this time, you can only pay for a TCGplayer Subscription a month at a time.


What do I do if I have multiple TCGplayer Subscription charges in one month?

You should only be charged for TCGplayer Subscription once per month. If you see additional charges, contact our customer service team.


How can I pay for my TCGplayer Subscription?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal. You cannot pay for your TCGplayer Subscription with store credit, whether it's from promotional Store Credit or a gift card. Manage your account to update your payment information.


If I cancel my subscription but then rejoin, will I rejoin with the Store Credit bonus I unlocked before?

No. If you cancel and restart your subscription, you will lose all the benefits you unlocked for maintaining your subscription.


If I become a subscriber after completing a purchase during a promotional period, will my order qualify for promotional Store Credit?

Unfortunately, orders placed before you become a subscriber will not be eligible for Store Credit retroactively. If you were to place another order after subscribing, that order would qualify, however.


Change Log

  • 4/1/22 - Program name changed from TCGplayer Infinite to TCGplayer Subscription.
  • 4/13/22 - Added "If I become a subscriber after completing a purchase during a promotional period, will my order quality for Bonus Bucks?"
  • 4/18/22 - Edited "Is TCGplayer Subscription available internationally?" answer for clarity.
  • 5/17/22 - Updated FAQ order. Added note about free tracking on Direct orders for subscribers.
  • 5/18/22 - Added information about tracking via USPS first class package service.
  • 5/27/22 - Clarified information about free tracking.
  • 6/6/22 - Clarified timeframe for Subscriber bonus bucks crediting.
  • 7/21/22 - Added "How Do I Become a TCGplayer Subscriber?".
  • 10/5/22 - Added PayPal as an accepted payment method for subscriptions.
  • 3/28/23 - Bonus Bucks rebranded as Store Credit.
  • 5/2/23 - Corrected error regarding when Store Credit is distributed from 2-3 business days to 3-5 business days after a promotion ends.
  • 7/6/23 - Updated mention of USPS First Class to USPS Ground Advantage.
  • 1/23/24 - Updated question to reflect changes to subscription program.
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