How do I fill and package my Store Your Products (SYP) Shipment?

Store Your Products (SYP) gives your store the opportunity to send TCGplayer the products you would like to sell ahead of waiting for them to appear in a Reimbursement Invoice (RI). TCGplayer will manage all orders from your SYP account, so you don’t have to worry about shipping costs, packaging materials, or labor needed to ship cards after sending your inventory to TCGplayer. This helps open up space in your store, and allows you to manage prices remotely, while we take care of the rest. After your initial shipment, you can provide more shipments whenever best fits your store. Or, use our Buylist Program to refill your SYP Inventory.

Download the Store Your Products (SYP) Pull Sheet or your Match List

Available on the Direct tab of the Seller Portal, the SYP Pull Sheet will show you all of the cards currently being accepted into the program. You can also upload a file containing your current inventory to generate a list of cards that you currently have that are being accepted (your Match List).

Don’t Sleeve the Cards (Unless They’re Worth $25+)

In order for us to accurately assess card condition, it’s important that we look at cards without sleeves when processing your items. Removing cards from sleeves slows down our team, so please make sure to take the sleeves off your cards before shipping them to us. If you’re sending a card that’s worth $25 or more, you may sleeve it to ensure its safety during transit.

Keep Your Cards in Order 

When you send your SYP Shipment to us, the cards must be in the exact order they appear on the SYP Pull Sheet. This will help TCGplayer prepare your cards and get your products online as fast as possible. Additionally, in the event that your package is lost or damaged in the mail, having the packing slip enclosed can lead to quicker recovery if found.


Package Cards Safely

It’s important that we receive the cards in your SYP Shipment in the same condition as when you placed them in the mail. It’s best to use Priority Flat Rate envelopes and boxes, making sure to tape the sides so they stay closed during transit. Read this article about packing RIs to learn more about packaging your SYP Shipments safely and affordably. We suggest packing your SYP Shipment the way you would an RI.

Ship Store Your Products (SYP) Shipments as Soon as Possible & Include Tracking

Ship your SYP Shipments as soon as you have received our SYP Pull Sheet. The faster you’re able to send your shipment, the sooner we can meet the demand of our customers and increase your sales! Make sure to:

  • Include the tracking number
  • Clearly mark your store name 
  • Address your package to TCGplayer SYP

If you have any questions about your SYP Shipments or the Store Your Products program, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to help!

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