How does Buylist Work For Store Your Products Accounts?

TCGplayer Buylist allows the ability to maintain inventory levels, after making sales, through the process of buying products from players. While this is an option for all Direct/Pro Sellers, Buylist is particularly valuable for Store Your Products (SYP) Accounts.

How is Store Your Products (SYP) Buylist different from my Direct/Pro Account?

The fundamentals of setting up your Buylist pricing and quantities remain the same as Direct/Pro accounts. However, what happens after you make a purchase through Buylist as a SYP Account is much different.

Once your Buylist purchase has been processed in the TCGplayer fulfillment center, all of the respective products will be added directly to your Staged Inventory. You no longer need to request that your Buylist Inventory be sent to your store. In addition to being added directly to your Staged Inventory, all products added through this process will have your Live Price (at the time of the purchase) automatically filled in to allow a quick move to your Live Inventory. You will be able to buy and sell products without ever having to touch them.


How do I view my Buylist Inventory?

SYP Accounts do not have a Buylist inventory. Once your purchased cards are processed by the TCGplayer fulfillment center, they are added directly to your Staged Inventory, ready to be priced and sold.

How do I view what was added to my Staged Inventory from Buylist?

When a Buylist purchase has finished processing at TCGplayer, a record of what products the purchase contained is created in your Buylist Purchase Orders Page. From this page you can download receipts of all completed Buylist purchases.

Do I need to request my Buylist Purchases on my SYP Account?

No. Once TCGplayer has completed verifying your Buylist Purchases, they will automatically appear in your Staged Inventory. Once the purchase is in your Staged Inventory, all you need to do is price it and move it to Live.


Will Buylist purchases from my Direct Account be automatically added to my Store Your Products (SYP) Account?

No. Buylist purchases from your Direct Account will remain untouched. 


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