Dear Sellers,

TCGplayer wants to let all of our sellers know that we are committed to supporting you during these uncertain times. As the USPS continues to experience difficulties with their shipping times and operations, we want to continue to provide you with support and expanded seller protections. Read on to learn more about how we are responding to these challenges with the USPS and how we plan to assist you in resolving shipping delays.

TCGplayer is Maintaining Increased Estimated Delivery Times

To further support our sellers we are continuing to extend all of our estimated delivery times. We updated our shopping cart and transactional emails to replace the current 9 business days for shipping, to instead say 12-15 business days for all domestic packages.

See the chart below for specifics: See the chart below for specifics:

Shipping Type


Updated April 14th

Domestic Standard

6-8 Days

12-15 Days

Domestic Expedited

3-4 Days

4 Days


6-21 Days

8-24 Days


Additionally, as of 12/16/20, we have temporarily updated our order and shipping confirmation emails to indicate to customers that shipping carriers are experiencing delays due to the holidays and their packages may arrive later than anticipated

How to respond to customers? 

Here is a template that you can send to buyers inquiring on the status of their package before the 15th business day: 


We are so sorry to hear that your package has not arrived within its expected time frame! Our records show that we shipped your order out within 48 hours of receipt, but it appears that the USPS is experiencing some shipping delays at this time.

We are going to work on investigating the location of this package for you. In the meantime please contact us if the missing package is delivered to your address or if you have not received your package by the 15th business day. Your order should arrive soon!”


How will TCGplayer Protect Me From Negative Feedback?

TCGplayer will step in to block any negative feedback associated with late or missing packages as long as the order was shipped within our 48 hour shipment window. We understand that you are not responsible for delays in handling times after an order has been placed into the mail system, so we will make sure that your feedback rating is protected for events outside of your control. 

In the meantime, our customer service team is working diligently to manage buyer expectations surrounding delivery times.

Missing Package Seller Safeguard

We know that it's not always practical to add tracking to every package but you are always covered 100% by TCGplayer in the event a buyer reports an order with tracking as missing but the USPS reports the order as Delivered or In Limbo on domestic orders. Just follow the process outlined in our here and our customer service team will credit you for the missing order.

What to do if a Buyer Receives an Order After it is Refunded?

If a buyer writes back in to inform you that they ended up receiving their order after you processed the refund, simply follow the steps outlined here. Once you’ve followed the instructions we will then connect with the customer to ensure their repayment is received and credit your seller account for the order.

We understand that the current difficulties the USPS is facing are out of our community’s control and present many challenges to our sellers. We support your businesses and will continue to monitor the situation to make further changes and adjustments as needed to provide you with additional support and assistance.

Thank You,

Team TCGplayer

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