Store Your Products (SYP) Pull Sheet

What is the SYP Pull Sheet?

The SYP Pull Sheet is TCGplayer’s list of products that are eligible for the Store Your Products program. These products can be stored at TCGplayer’s Authentication Center with your Store Your Products account. Each product on the SYP Pull Sheet has a maximum quantity that will be eligible for the program.

There are a few criteria your SYP shipment must meet to be accepted:

  • $2.00 ACV: The average card value (ACV) of your shipment should be at least $2.00. The ACV of a shipment is its average card value - the average of all its cards' market prices.
  • 50% Match: At least 50% of a SYP shipment's contents must be cards that are listed in the SYP Pull Sheet in order to be approved. The SYP Pull Sheet is a regularly updated list of what cards are currently desired in the program. If a shipment's ACV is above $3.00, its match rate will not carry as much weight, as illustrated in the table below.


Where can I find the SYP Pull Sheet?

If you are a Seller in our Direct or SYP program, you can find a link to these features from the TCGplayer Direct tab in the Seller Portal. If you are a Seller who is not currently enrolled in either of these programs, you may visit the page through this direct link:

How often is the SYP Pull Sheet updated?

The SYP Pull Sheet is updated every Monday. When you have a category selected while viewing the SYP Pull Sheet, you will see the timestamp of when that category was last updated.

What can I do with the SYP Pull Sheet?

There are currently two core features available with the SYP Pull Sheet:

  • You may export a CSV list of products that are eligible for the program.
  • You may upload your own inventory list to compare against the current SYP Pull Sheet, this will provide a list of matching products and quantities that can be added to your SYP account.

Viewing the SYP Pull Sheet

We currently offer 2 ways to view the SYP Pull Sheet:

  1. A table is available in the user interface, this table will show the products that are eligible and may be filtered by Category, Set, and Condition.
  2. A CSV may be exported, which will contain a list of products that are eligible for the program. To get an exported CSV, use the [Export] button above the table. This feature will provide a CSV list based on the filters you have selected.


Creating a Match List from the SYP Pull Sheet

From the SYP Pull Sheet tab, you have the ability for you to upload a compatible CSV list of your inventory, which will be quickly compared against the SYP Pull Sheet and generate a list of matches. This match list will display the maximum quantity eligible for the SYP program for each product, and the list will be in TCGplayer’s preferred shipment order. This feature is a great way to generate a Shipment Invoice for your SYP Shipment.

02-MatchList_2x.jpgTo create a Match List, use the following steps:

  1. Create a CSV file that has TCGplayer ID, Set Name, Product Name, Condition, Market Price, and Total Quantity columns. The file can have other columns that will be ignored, but the CSV must contain these 6 columns.
      • Make sure your inventory list does not contain any Listings with Photos. TCGplayer Ids for Listings with Photos are not accepted with this feature and will cause an error.
  2. On the SYP Pull Sheet page, use the [Choose File] button and select your Inventory List CSV.
  3. With a file selected, click the [Match List] button.
  4. A Match List CSV will begin downloading, once completed, open this file to see the products and quantities from your list that are eligible for the SYP program.
  5. Once you have created your SYP Shipment .csv, please send it here for quick approval. Our team will reach back with further shipping instructions. Please note that shipments that have not gone through approval may not be accepted and are subject to return.


Change Log

  • 7/13/22 - Updated pull sheet update timeline.
  • 5/5/23 - Updated information about SYP shipment requirements.
  • 5/8/23 - Small edits to criteria language.
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