Getting Started With Mass Entry

Mass Entry is designed to help you quickly enter a list of cards and add them to your cart, all at once.

Mass Entry is now available for all products.


Using the tool is simple — you can write up a list on your own or, on sites like TCGplayer Infinite, you can even click a button to have the list automatically filled out for you.


Entering Cards Manually

When entering cards manually, all you have to do to get started is:

  1. Select your Product Line from the dropdown
  2. Begin adding cards in the box below



Mass Entry reads each line as a separate item and follows this format:


Quantity Card Name Set Code Card Number Within Set 

Ex. 1 Lightning Bolt #84 from Secret Lair Drop is identified when you enter:

1 Lightning Bolt [SLD] 84


With all the data plugged in, Mass Entry knows exactly what you’re looking for and will add it to your cart.


But it can also handle less specificity. Removing the card number will tell Mass Entry that you don’t mind which art you get, you just want it to be from a specific set.


Maybe you don’t even mind which set the card’s from — just the quantity and card name will work fine, too.



Outside of the text-entry box, you have a few options, as well.

If you want to be specific about which set a card comes from, but you can’t remember the set code, we’ve got you covered. Just tap on “Show Set Codes” and a list will appear.


Here, you can search for the set you need, and tap it to copy its code.


Automatically Filling From TCGplayer Infinite

As you browse articles on TCGplayer Infinite, you’ll probably come across some pretty sweet decks. When you find one you like, you’ll see a button that says “Buy Deck” at the top of the list. When you click that, you’ll be brought to Mass Entry where you can modify it to your liking, and then add the deck to your cart all at once.



No matter how you choose to enter cards into Mass Entry, tapping on the gear icon next to the add-to-cart button will reveal a preferences menu where you can select the different printings and conditions you’re willing to accept when you add the list to your cart.

By default, you’ll have all printings selected, as well as any condition Moderately Played and better. 


And that’s pretty much all there is to Mass Entry


Change Log

  • 7/19/23 - Changed list to include that Mass Entry is available for all products now.
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