What is Sort Your Products?

Sort Your Products (Sort) is a service provided through Direct by TCGplayer in which our team of experts receives your unsorted Magic: The Gathering collections, and prepares them for sale on your Store Your Products (SYP) account. 


How does it work?

First, complete the Sort Shipment Approval Form for approval to send a Sort shipment.

There are a few criteria your Sort shipment must meet to be accepted:

  • Minimum average card value (ACV) of $3.

  • 75% yield, meaning at least 75% of a Sort shipment's contents must be eligible cards that are equal to or greater than $0.25 in value. Please check the list of ineligible products below.

After your shipment is approved and shipped, our team receives and sifts your collection (we require you send us a minimum of 2,000 cards per shipment) to find which cards have a value greater than the $.25 minimum. We then add the accepted cards to your TCGplayer SYP account where you set pricing and get your cards selling fast. 

TCGplayer fulfills and supports all your incoming orders! 

You get paid and enjoy the positive feedback that quickly accumulates on your high-visibility, high-volume account.

A table of fees for TCGplayer's Sort program. Ineligible and cards under our sort threshold cost 1 cent to sort. Cards between 25 cents and 49 cents cost 7 cents to sort. Card between 50 cents and 4 dollars and 99 cents cost 10 cents to sort. And card over 5 dollars cost 10 cents to sort.

What types of products are not accepted for Sort Your Products?

Please note, the following card types are not accepted:

  • Graded cards in cases
  • Cards that are below Moderately Played (Heavily Played or Damaged)
  • Non-English cards
  • Oversized cards
  • World Championship cards
  • Basic Lands
  • Tokens

Do I have to pay first?

Our team keeps track of your collection’s progress and issues an invoice based on the fees indicated above. The cost of Sort is then deducted from upcoming payments you receive from the sale of the cards.


How do I sign up for Sort Your Products?

Thank you for your interest in Sort Your Products. Unfortunately, we are not accepting new enrollment at this time.



Change Log

  • 4/4/22 - Sort fee table updated.
  • 5/18/22 - Added note about basic lands and tokens being ineligible for Sort starting June 27th.
  • 5/19/22 - Added "What types of products are not accepted for Sort Your Products?" section.
  • 6/28/22 - Added Basic Lands, Tokens, and World Championship cards to list of cards ineligible for Sort.
  • 5/5/23 - Updated Sort program requirements and steps to get started.
  • 5/8/23 Updated Sort guidelines.
  • 9/12/23 - Updated Sort guidelines.
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