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How do I update the events calendar on my Pro website?

Pro Seller by TCGplayer includes your own customizable Pro Website. If you host events in your store, like FNMs or tournaments, you may want to advertise them on your website. You can do this by adding an Events Calendar to your website using TCGplayer Pro Settings.

  1. Go to TCGplayer Pro Settings, then click on Content in the left navigation panel.

    The Content link on the left menu navigation is highlighted on the Pro Settings page.

  2. Next, click on Create New, then select Events Calendar.

    The Create New button and Event Calendar option are highlighted on the right side of the page.

  3. You can edit several areas on the Events Calendar page.

    • Name - The name entered appears on the navigation menu (Events, Tournaments, FNMs, etc.)
    • Page Headline - the content displayed at the top of the events page (if not populated, the
    • Page Name will be used by default for this field)
    • Description - the content displayed directly underneath the Page Headline
    • Main Content - the content displayed below Description
    • Calendar IDs - Paste the calendar ID copied from your Google calendar

The Events Calendar page displays many fields you can edit, including Name, Headline, Description, Content, and Calendar ID.


An example Events Calendar displayed on a Pro Website with the navigation link, Headline, Description, and Main Content highlighted.

Note: You have the option to Create or Create and Publish. Create saves the information you entered, but will not publish the page on your Pro Website. Create and Publish will save your changes and publish them on your site.



Change Log

  • 4/22/22 - Edited instructions and screenshots.
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