Advanced Search Filters for the Orders Tab

As a Marketplace Seller on, you can easily keep customer purchases organized using our order management tools. The first tools you'll need to know about are our advanced search filters. They'll help you find the exact orders you need.


Within your Seller Portal, you can search and/or filter the Orders tab by the following options:

1. Customer Name/Email

2. Order Number

3. Order Channel - If you're a TCGplayer Pro Seller, you may want to view sales from different channels separately, whether it's to narrow down your search or compare performance.

  • All (Default)
  • Marketplace
  • Website (Available Only for TCGplayer Pro Sellers)
  • In-Store Pickup (Available Only for TCGplayer Pro Sellers)

4. Order Status - You may want to check the current status of orders that are being shipped to customers.

  • Processing
  • Ready to Ship
  • Shipped
  • Delivered
  • Canceled

5. Pickup Status - If you're a TCGplayer Pro Seller with the in-store pickup option turned on for your Pro website, you may want to check the current status of customer pickup orders.

  • Received
  • Pulling
  • Ready for Pickup
  • Picked Up
  • Canceled

6. Product - This filter has three possible options to enter a Product Name, Category and Set. Enter a Product Name first and then, if desired, narrow down the search to the specific Category and Set you're looking for.

7. Order Value - This filter has two boxes where you can enter an order's value range from Minimum Order Value to Maximum Order Value. You may want to filter down to only the orders that need to be shipped with tracking or only the ones that don't need tracking. Note: The Order Value is the subtotal of the order, which is the value of all products in the order. It does not include taxes, shipping or other fees beyond the actual product value.

8. Number of Products - This filter has two boxes where you can enter the number of products in an order from Minimum to Maximum number. You can enter a minimum number, maximum number, or a range.

9. Order Type - If you're in the TCGplayer Direct program, you may want to filter out any Direct orders, since we ship those for you on behalf of your store. Or you may want to compare the performance of your Direct sales in comparison to your normal sales.

  • Normal
  • Direct

10. Shipping Type - You may want to organize your workflow by shipping type, since each type requires different postage and/or packing methods. 

    • Standard
    • Expedited
    • International

11. Presale Status - If you're part of our presale program, you may want to filter out your presale orders from your non-presale orders. 

  • All
  • Non-Presale
  • Presale

Once you've selected all the filters you want, click "Search" to apply the filters. You can also click "Clear All" to return the filters to the default settings and remove any hand-typed information from the data fields.

Note: The In-Store Pickup options within the Orders Search/Filters will be hidden if you have In-Store Pickup set to Inactive and there are no orders that have In-Store Pickup status associated with it. If you have had an order for In-Store Pickup, you may want to look that order up in the future, so these options will only be hidden if there are no orders and shipping is set to inactive.



If you're a Sync Seller, you'll only be able to use the Customer Name/Email, Order Number and Order Value filters. Switch to TCGplayer Pro to access the full range of advanced search filters for your orders.


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