When does TCGplayer issue payments? 

TCGplayer initiates a transfer to you for all sales listed as "Completed - Pending Payment" minus our fees. To receive payment, you must have a valid bank account in the U.S. Payments are scheduled via a transfer to your account every Monday & Thursday, typically appearing in your account after four business days (dependent upon your banking institution).  


A sale is listed as "Completed - Pending Payment" when it meets one of the following criteria:


  • If your tracking number can be “Confirmed as Delivered” then your sale will be listed as "Completed - Pending Payment" 24 hours after delivery.
  • If your tracking number cannot be “Confirmed as Delivered” or if you shipped the order without tracking, then your sale will be listed as "Completed - Pending Payment" 24 hours after the expected delivery date (EDD). For domestic orders, the EDD is typically set to eight business days after you confirm shipment on the order. For international orders, the EDD is set to 21 days.


However, if an order is under review due to a buyer dispute, the associated funds for a "Completed - Pending Payment" order will be temporarily held until the outcome is decided. You may not receive payment for an order under review. For orders that have already been paid, an equivalent amount of funds will be held back from future deposits until the outcome of the claim is decided.


Presale orders follow the regular payment schedule listed above. However, you will not be eligible for payment until after the release date has passed. For more information, read about our Presale program.


If you ship to international destinations, orders sent to locations outside of the United States are payable 21 days after the order is marked as shipped.  

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