Buying from TCGplayer Direct™


Have TCGplayer pack and ship your orders to you

TCGplayer has created one of the most efficient shipping hubs in the country for collectible card games, so let us take care of your orders. You still get access to some of the lowest prices in our marketplace, but no longer have to wait for multiple packages to arrive from different sellers.


Free Shipping

If your order is over $25 (before taxes), and you are in the United States, your entire order ships for free with TCGplayer Direct: no matter how many cards you buy or how many sellers you buy from.


TCGplayer Certified Grading

The experts at TCGplayer carefully check every card for your order before it gets packaged.


Perfect Delivery Guarantee

You’ll get everything at once, and it will be exactly as you expect. If something isn’t perfect, just let our dedicated customer service team know and they’ll work with you to make it right.


How it all works

Pick out your cards from sellers offering the lowest prices, just like you do now. TCGplayer will ship out cards to you, using our own carefully managed inventory. You’ll get your entire order together in one package, with a dedicated customer service team standing by to help with any issues.

Yes, TCGplayer Direct is currently available in Australia, Canada and the U.K. for Magic: the Gathering singles.

Orders placed with TCGplayer Direct will typically reach you faster, on average. The cards come straight from our own carefully managed inventory and are packaged and shipped as soon as possible. Behind the scenes, the sellers you bought from will resupply TCGplayer's inventory, so you'll never have to wait for their cards to reach you.

Items carried by TCGplayer Direct will be clearly marked. Our Cart Optimizer will help you search for cards that will be supported by this program.

Items that we carry will be clearly labeled as TCGplayer Direct. For any order including one or more items not labeled as TCGplayer Direct, your order will be packaged and shipped by the Seller, just like it is now.

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