About Conditioning Release Notes

In February 2024 we launched Conditioning Release Notes, which are designed to keep you informed about the latest updates on how specific imperfections and defects are handled in the conditioning process for the Direct by TCGplayer program. Given evolving printing practices and the continuous launch of new products, our goal is to ensure you stay up-to-date with the latest information and industry practices.

We recommend sellers in the Direct program review these release notes periodically for awareness of how our conditioning processes for Direct change over time. Marketplace sellers not in the Direct program can also use these notes to ensure they are conditioning cards in a consistent manner.

What Are Conditioning Release Notes?

Conditioning Release Notes will serve as a comprehensive guide to the updates made in our conditioning process. These notes will include detailed information, accompanied by photographs for reference, to help you better understand how we address imperfections and defects. Conditioning Release Notes will be published as needed, ensuring that you are promptly informed about any updates to the conditioning process.

How Will I See These Updates?

Conditioning Release Notes will be emailed to all sellers enrolled in Direct by TCGplayer. The updates will also be published as an article in our help center to serve as a quick reference guide. A change log will accompany each set of Release Notes, which will outline the modifications made, ensuring complete transparency of the updates implemented.

We believe that these Conditioning Release Notes will not only keep you informed, but will also provide valuable insights into the continuous improvements we are making to enhance the overall quality of the Direct by TCGplayer program.

Published Conditioning Release Notes

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