Listings with Photos Policies

Any disputes concerning listings with photos will be handled on a case by case basis. We'll look at the dispute from all sides, do our research, and do everything we can to investigate and support your concerns.

If local authorities request information about a transaction in order to investigate malfeasance, counterfeits, or fraud, we will provide that information.


Seller Policies for Listings with Photos

As with all transactions on, you'll still need to adhere to the guidelines in our Marketplace Seller Agreement. However, as listings with photos are typically unique, high-value items, here are some additional guidelines to keep in mind.


What types of items are prohibited?

Counterfeits, proxies, and items containing profane material (anything sexually explicit, racist, or excessively violent) will be removed, as well as items reported by buyers and anything we find to violate our Community Guidelines. 

Highlighting specific cards or items that have a "chance" of being included in a bulk lot is also not allowed and these listings will be removed if reported by buyers.

How should I select a condition for an altered or signed card?

We updated our Card Condition Guide to accommodate listings with photos. You'll be able to list altered, stamped, and signed cards, but they should only be listed on our platform utilizing listings with photos. You should then choose the card condition based on what condition the card is in without regard to the signature or alteration.


What restrictions are there regarding the photos I upload?

Your photos should only include the item(s) you're selling. You must upload at least one photo of the item you're listing, and it must be of the actual physical item that you possess and are listing for sale. Do not include elements like store logos, website addresses, and marketing copy in your photos. We suggest always showing at least the front and back of the item. If you'd like to add a watermark or copyright, please ensure it does not obstruct the picture, as having clear pictures will help you sell your item. Also, please make sure that all the photos you're uploading are appropriate. If site users report inappropriate photos, we'll moderate them as needed.

Note: If you're selling multiple copies of the same item individually, each of those items needs to have a separate listing. However, if you're selling a playset for a set price, you may show a single photo of all the products for sale. If you're listing multiples of a non-English item that's not currently in the TCGplayer catalog (e.g. Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon, etc.), you may create one listing for multiple copies of the card. However, you must indicate in the title that the listing is for one copy.


Am I allowed to include myself or other people in my photos?

No. Photos should only include the products you're offering. Do not take selfies that include the product or photos of other people.


What types of photos are considered inappropriate?

Any original artwork provided by the manufacturer is acceptable, and we will not remove or censor it in any way. Altered items that contain any of the following may be removed or censored:

  • Suggestive/adult artwork
  • Violence
  • Abuse
  • Racism
  • Etc.

In addition, we want to make sure that photos include only the items for sale and aren’t misleading to the customer in any way. The following is not allowed and may be removed:

  • Photos that are misleading or misrepresent the item(s) available for sale
  • Images that include marketing messages instead of or in addition to the item(s) available for sale
  • Photos with added borders or any additional text, artwork or verbiage in addition to the item(s) available for sale
  • Stock photos

If any of our users feel a listing violates this policy, we urge them to let us know so we can review the post and take any further action needed, which can include the deactivation of the seller's inventory.

What changes will be made when it comes to refunds and returns?

We strongly suggest that you add insurance to all orders $250 and up for your own protection. As with traditional items, we'll require signature confirmation and tracking on orders of this size. We also updated our Refund and Return Policy to cover all conditions of cards, including MP, HP, and Damaged. Other than that, all of our current shipping guidelines and refund and return policies remain the same.


If a buyer has a dispute over the item they received, does TCGplayer always side with them?

No. We strive to ensure that disputes are resolved fairly for both our buyers and sellers. If we're contacted regarding an order dispute, we always review all information before making a decision on resolution.


What does TCGplayer do if a buyer is repeatedly violating site policies?

Our dedicated Customer Service Team regularly reviews buyers on our platform in order to protect our sellers. If a seller reports a buyer, we always investigate the claim. If we find that a buyer is violating policies, we will take action to lock their account or–in some situations–we will terminate them from our platform. If you feel a buyer may be violating a site policy, please contact our Customer Service team so they can investigate this for you.


Buyer Policies for Listings with Photos

As always, you're protected by our TCGplayer Safeguard (formerly Buyer Safeguard) for any listings with photos that you purchase, which means that you'll have an opportunity to return the product(s) for a refund or exchange should they not be received in their expected condition.


To what degree will TCGplayer cover authenticity as part of the TCGplayer Safeguard?

If you believe an item(s) is counterfeit (whether it's an alter, a miscut, or an item with a signature), please contact our Customer Service team. We'll facilitate the return in accordance with our TCGplayer Safeguard.


Will refunds work similarly to how they work today or will there be changes for high-value items?

We updated our Refund and Return Policy to cover all conditions of cards including MP, HP, and Damaged. Other than that change, our TCGplayer Safeguard and Refund and Return Policy will remain the same for listings with photos. If you believe an item may be counterfeit, please contact our Customer Service team right away. We'll work with you to return the item to TCGplayer HQ for verification. If you are unhappy in any other way, the return should occur between you and the original seller.


What do I do if I see a listing with inappropriate photos?

You can easily report that listing either using the Report button next to the photo or by reaching out to our Customer Service team. We'll quickly jump in to moderate at our discretion.

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