Store Your Products (SYP) Inventory & Pricing

Store Your Products (SYP) Inventory is inventory from your SYP Account that is stored and being sold by TCGplayer for you. This inventory is not located in your physical store or workspace but at our fulfillment center. You will be able to manage prices remotely after TCGplayer has added your inventory to your account.

What products can be added to my Store Your Products (SYP) Inventory?

TCGplayer’s SYP Program currently only supports products in the Pokémon and Magic lines. TCGplayer maintains a Store Your Products (SYP) Pull Sheet to guide our sellers on which products are optimal to add to SYP Inventory.

How do I price my new Store Your Products (SYP) Inventory?

All new SYP Inventory, whether it is added through Buylist or by SYP Shipment to TCGplayer, will be located in your Staged Inventory in the Pricing Tab here.

Within the Pricing Tab, you may notice you are unable to adjust quantities this is because we handle all your inventory for you at our fulfillment center. However, all pricing actions can still be completed. You may adjust prices either through a CSV Import or manually through the Pricing Tab user interface.

Can I upload prices for products that are not in my Staged Inventory?

Yes, you may safely import prices for any products and it will not overwrite quantities currently in your Staged Inventory. Additionally, if you have a new SYP Account and are waiting for your initial SYP Shipment to be processed by TCGplayer, you may import any amount of prices ahead of the SYP Shipment being added to Staged Inventory, this may make pricing easier later.

How do I change the prices of products in my Live Inventory?

If you have a SYP Pro Account you will have access to MassPrice, which allows you to update and schedule prices easily. If you have a Standard or Pro SYP Account, you may adjust prices through the Pricing Tab with either CSV imports or manual updates through the page’s user interface. For single product updates, our Inventory Tab, found here, can be used.


Change Log

10/20/23 - Added clarification that the SYP program currently only supports Pokemon and Magic.

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