Adding Cards to Your Inventory

With Pro Seller by TCGplayer, you can update your inventory simply by scanning the cards you want to add. First, you'll need to create a list of cards using the TCGplayer Quicklist Card Scanning Software or by scanning cards through the TCGplayer App.

If using Quicklist, once you create your list you'll automatically be directed to a Manage My Product List page where you can delete any cards on the list that you no longer want to add.

If you’re adding cards from the TCGplayer App’s scanning feature, you’ll need to import your data first, then select the imported list from the Manage Lists page on the seller portal.


Once you're ready to add the list of cards to your inventory:


  1. Select the Add To Inventory button.

  2. A pop up will appear. If you want to simultaneously remove the list of cards from your TCGplayer Buylist, check the box next to Also Remove from Buylist.

  3. Click the Continue button. Products that have TCG Marketplace Price and Quantity will be added to your Live Inventory. Remaining products will be added to your Staged Inventory. Before moving your Staged Inventory to Live, please make sure to update prices for products for which you do not have Live quantity. 

  4. If you checked the box next to Also Remove from Buylist, clicking Continue will also remove that list of cards from your TCGplayer Buylist.

  5. Update the prices for cards in your Staged Inventory and submit. This will add those products to your Live Inventory.

  6. You’ll then see the products that switched from Staged Inventory to Live Inventory. Your customers will be able to view your Live Inventory as it gets updated.

You can always revisit your list by going to the main screen of your Manage Lists tab.

For more information, refer to Quicklist Card Scanning Software Setup. If you need additional help adding cards, refer to Managing Your Lists.


Change Log

  • 9/13/23 - Added information about importing lists from the TCGplayer app.
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