Managing Your Lists

If you have a TCGplayer Pro account, you'll see a Manage Lists tab in your Seller Portal. This area allows you to review previous lists that were either created using the TCGplayer Quicklist Card Scanning Software or through the In-Store Pickup Pay Later option at checkout. At this tab, you can easily search drafted and archived lists and perform functions using those lists of cards.


Each list under My Lists shows the following information:

  • Creator - the email address of the account that created the list
  • List ID - the ID number associated with the list
  • Date Created - the date the list was created
  • # of Products - the sum of the quantity of products in the list
  • Action - the action that has been taken on the list, if any
  • Action Date - the date of any action taken on the list, if any


You can also apply the following filters to narrow down your search:

  • In-Store Pickup - new lists that have been created by customers during checkout by selecting In-Store Pickup "Pay Later" as their shipping option
  • Created an Order - lists that have previously had this action performed
  • Added to Inventory - lists that have previously had this action performed
  • Removed from Buylist - lists that have previously had this action performed
  • Draft - new lists that have been created using the Quicklist Card Scanning Software
  • Archived - past lists that have been put into the archive


When you click on the View List button next to any list, you'll be taken to a Manage My Product List page for that list. From here, you can perform actions:


  1. Create an Order - Remove the listed items from your inventory and pull up a total price for the entire order. Then use your existing cash register or POS system to check out your customer.

  2. Add to Inventory - Add the list of products to your inventory.

  3. Remove from Buylist - If you have a TCGplayer Buylist, you can remove a list of cards from that Buylist. That way, if you're buying cards from customers in person, you don't end up buying more than you need. If you're not yet participating in the TCGplayer Buylist program, click here to learn more.

If you click the View List button, but the selected list is archived, you won't be able to perform any actions on that list. However, you can clone the list, then execute an action on the cloned list. For more information, refer to Cloning Lists.


For more help with your Pro account, visit Intro to TCGplayer Pro or contact our dedicated support team.

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