Buylist on TCGplayer Pro Websites and Kiosk

If you're enrolled in Pro Seller by TCGplayer, you can showcase your Buylist on your Pro website and Kiosk. That way any player shopping on your website or browsing your in-store Kiosk will be able to see the exact Magic: The Gathering cards your store is buying and the prices you're willing to pay.

If you want to add your Buylist to your website, follow the instructions in this article. Once you complete that process, a Buylist button will be added to the main navigation bar at the top of your website. To add your Buylist to the homepage of your in-store Kiosk, follow this article. The information displayed on the Buylist page will be based on the Buylist information from TCGplayer, populated according to your listings and settings. Products will be sorted by the highest price that your store is offering, and all of the highest value cards will be shown first.

An example BuyList page.

Players will be able to filter and search your Buylist. They can use the search bar to search by either card or set name. They can also choose how many options they'd like to see on the page: 10, 25, 50, or 100 products per page. Players will also have CSV and Print options, so they can save a copy of your Buylist pricing info. CSV generates a spreadsheet of all search results, while Print generates a printable document of all search results. This functionality allows players looking at your store's Buylist to download a copy to compare with their own collection. They can then bring their collection into your store to speed up the Buylist process.

When a player comes into your store, you can use Quicklist to scan the cards they're selling to your store and easily come up with a total. Then you can push the list of cards to the Manage Lists area in your Seller Portal to remove the cards from your TCGplayer Buylist.

If your store would like to show your Buylist pricing in-store, you can download the CSV or Print the list for specific sets, sorted by price, etc.

Not yet opted into TCGplayer Buylist? Opt in here.

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