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Thank you for your interest in selling on TCGplayer. We serve up over 4 million pages of pricing data each day through our popular collectibles marketplace and provide a wide variety of eCommerce services that can help grow your business. If you're located in the U.S., there are three ways you can list your items with TCGplayer.


1. Become a Marketplace Seller and enter your inventory and prices directly into TCGplayer.

Wait Time: Instant. Your items will appear on the TCGplayer Marketplace as soon as you enter them. You can quickly and easily add thousands of items and prices with no setup or listing fees. You only pay us when you get a sale.


2. Apply for Pro Seller by TCGplayer to list inventory on our Marketplace and your own custom website.

Wait Time: Once you're approved for Pro, adding inventory is incredibly easy. You'll have exclusive access to our revolutionary card scanning software that lets you adjust your inventory in an instant.


3. Sync your existing online inventory and prices with TCGplayer through a third-party service like CrystalCommerce.

Wait Time: Approximately 1-2 weeks. If you already have a website through CrystalCommerce, you need to work with that third-party eCommerce provider to sync perfectly with our system. The syncing process can take a few weeks to finalize.


4. Migrate to Pro Seller by TCGplayer from a third party. If you currently use CrystalCommerce or BidWicket and you want to switch to Pro Seller by TCGplayer, it's incredibly easy.

Wait Time: Once you're approved for Pro, our customer service team can instantly move over all of your synced inventory.

When you list your items on TCGplayer, we process all orders directly for credit card and PayPal and hold the funds for you until we can verify that you have completed the sale. All refunds/partial refunds are done directly through the TCGplayer Seller Portal. The fees for using our service vary based upon whether you're listing inventory with us directly or if you're syncing your inventory through a third party. Have questions? Simply contact our dedicated customer service team.



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  • 8/23/22 - Small edits for clarity, linked "Become a Marketplace Seller" to the registration page.
  • 10/31/23 - Removed mentions of BidWicket.
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