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Thank you for your interest in selling with We serve up over 4 million pages of pricing data each day through our popular store front and via partner websites and mobile applications!

If you are located in the USA, there are two options to have your items listed on TCGplayer. Listed below are the available options:

1 - Enter your inventory and prices manually into TCGplayer
     Wait Time: Instant. Your items will appear on TCGplayer as soon as you enter them.

TCGplayer allows a Seller to quickly and easily add thousands of items items and prices to their storefront without the need for an online website or programming/hosting options tied to syncing your inventory. There are also no setup fees or listing fees so you only pay us a commission for completed sales. This method involves setting your shipping rates directly on TCGplayer and then manually adding your inventory and pricing data via our quick entry system.

Click Here for more information on this process.

2 - Sync your existing online inventory and prices with TCGplayer
     Wait Time: 1-2 weeks if Synced with Crystal Commerce or BidWicket.

If you have tens of thousands of items and are looking to have your full inventory synced with TCGplayer, you will need to work with an eCommerce company such as CrystalCommerce or BidWicket who are affiliates that are setup to sync perfectly with our system.

If you are connected with BidWicket or CrystalCommerce , then there is no additional fee for us to be completely synced to your store, but the process can take a few weeks to finalize.

A Brief Explanation of the TCGplayer System:
Under the TCGplayer system, we process all orders directly for credit card and PayPal and hold the funds for you until we can verify that you have completed the sale. All refunds/partial-refunds are done directly through the TCGplayer Seller Dashboard.

The fees for using our service vary based upon if you are listing your inventory with us directly or if you are syncing your inventory to us. Please read this information for details about our fee structure.

For additional questions, please contact

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