How do I list card singles?

There are four steps to listing card game singles on the TCGplayer Marketplace:

  1. Search for the item you want to sell
  2. Set the quantities and conditions for your item
  3. Set the price for the item
  4. Publish your listing

Step 1 - Search for the Item You Want to Sell

In the Seller Portal, click on Inventory. From there, use the search bar to find the item you'd like to add to your inventory. You can enter either the card's full name or partial name to find it, and your results will display in the Product Catalog section.

Make sure you verify that the version listed in the catalog matches the version of the card you want to sell—as you probably know, in TCGs cards often have multiple printings and may vary from one printing to another.

Once you're sure you have the correct item that you'd like to list, click the "Add" button.

Step 2 - Set the Quantities and Conditions for Your Item

You can sell one or multiples of your item by setting the available quantities and conditions.

Unsure of what condition to assign to your card? Our Card Condition Guide provides a walkthrough and examples that will help you decide.

Quantity Fields for Pro Sellers

If you're a TCGplayer Pro seller using our Channel Management tools, you can add also add separate prices and reserve quantities for your My Store channel.

Marketplace Qty. (not editable) - Calculated by subtracting the My Store Reserve Quantity from the Total Quantity for the specified product/condition. In the picture below, this is the number of Goblin Tunnelers the seller has listed for sale on the TCGplayer Marketplace.

My Store Reserve Qty. (editable) - The quantity available for a specific product/condition on your TCGplayer Pro website. Adding a value here means that you'll hold at least that many for sale through your My Store channel. In the picture below, this is the number of Goblin Tunnelers the seller has reserved to sell through their Pro website.

My Store Price (editable) - The price for this specific product/condition on your TCGplayer Pro website. This is the price that will appear on your My Store channel. For example, the in the picture below the seller could set a different price for Goblin Tunnelers sold on their Pro website compared to the Marketplace.


Step 3 - Finalize the Price for the Item(s) You Are Selling

You are responsible for setting the prices of the items you choose to offer on, and you should take into account all applicable costs (including fees and shipping rates) when listing and pricing your items. You can sell one or multiples of your item by setting the available quantity. You can enter whatever price you choose for the item manually, or, if you would like to match the TCG Lowest Listing (item price + shipping) on click the "Match" button, and the lowest amount will auto-fill for you. Keep in mind that we may establish minimum or maximum pricing limitations from time to time.

Please note that any item you list on TCGplayer must actually be in your possession, and you must fulfill all customer orders.

For more info, visit our help files on Fees, Pricing Guidelines and Shipping Settings.

Step 4 - Confirm Your Listing

Confirm that the item, price and quantities for your listing are correct, then click the "Save" button. Once confirmed, your item will appear on for anyone to buy. Congratulations!

For more info about what happens after your item sells, visit our help files on Shipping Guidelines for Cards and Payments

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