Shipping Settings


Classifications of Product Sizes:

(Trading Cards)

(HeroClix, Booster Packs)

(Booster Boxes, large HeroClix)

Extra Large
(Booster Cases, oversized Board Games)


Set your shipping rates directly in your Seller Portal on TCGplayer for each product size and we'll display those shipping rates as part of the price on each product's page. This means we don't use the shipping rates provided to us from your eCommerce Provider for Domestic orders, and we will be able to provide instant shipping transparency to USA Buyers on all of our product pages.





For Expedited Domestic shipping options, please enter your 3-4 business day shipping rates directly into your Seller Portal on TCGplayer. We will use the expedited shipping rates provided to us from your eCommerce Provider.



Our shipping options are a flat rate. Buyers are not charged additional shipping fees behind the scenes based on the size of their order. This shipping transparency bolsters buyer confidence by simplifying the purchasing process for all customers as well as boosting your store's potential to increase sales!


To read more about our Product Size and Shipping changes, please see the help files below:

Change Log

  • 7/11/22 - Small edits for clarity.
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