How do I list individual products?

1) Search for the item you want to sell.

Start in the Seller Portal, then go to the Inventory tab. Use the search bar at the top of this page to search the TCGplayer catalog for the item you’d like to sell. Your results will display in the Product Catalog section at the bottom of the page.

Make sure you verify that the version listed in the catalog matches the version of the product you want to sell. Once you're sure you have the correct item, click the "Add" button.



2) Set the quantities for each product and condition.

If you have more than one copy of a product, you can add multiple to your inventory by setting your available quantities. Whether you choose to add a single item or different versions of the same product, make sure you indicate the proper condition for each. Our Card Condition Guide provides a walkthrough with explanations that can help you assign this field.


3) Set the price for the item.

You can set prices manually by entering a value into the appropriate field, or you can price by matching to a TCGplayer data point. You can match the TCG Lowest Listing, TCG Last Sold Listing, or TCG Market Price. Simply click the “Match” button, and the value will auto-fill for you.

Don’t forget to consider all applicable costs before finalizing your price. Sellers are responsible for setting prices with consideration of fees and shipping rates. You must currently possess any item you list on TCGplayer and are required to fulfill all customer orders. 

For more info, visit our help files on Fees, Pricing Guidelines, and Shipping Settings.


Price and Quantity Fields for Pro Sellers

If you’ve signed up for Pro Seller by TCG player and are using Channel Management tools, you can add separate prices and reserve quantities for products in your My Store channel. You’ll see the following headings and fields:

TCG Marketplace: 

  • Qty. - The number of copies of this specific product/condition currently listed on the TCGplayer Marketplace. This field can’t be edited, as it’s calculated by subtracting the My Store Reserve Quantity from the Total Quantity for the specified product/condition.
  • Price - The price you have listed for this product/condition on the TCGplayer Marketplace.

My Store:

  • Reserve Qty. - The quantity available for a specific product/condition on your TCGplayer Pro website. Entering a value here means that you'll hold at least that many for sale through your My Store channel.
  • Price - The price for this specific product/condition on your TCGplayer Pro website. This is the price that will appear on your My Store channel. You can create different prices for the same product/condition across your channels.

Total Qty. - The total number of copies of that product/condition you have. Your Marketplace quantity will automatically be set as this number less the number of items you reserve for your Pro site.



4) Publish your listing.

Make sure that the item, price, and quantities for your listing are correct, then click the "Save" button. Congratulations: your item is now available on for anyone to buy!



Can I list Pokémon Code Cards?

Yes. You can list physical Pokemon Card Cards in your inventory. Just make sure the listing title matches your Code Card. Please also use caution if photographing your Code Card for a Listing with Photo so that your codes aren’t being displayed for use.

The sale of promo codes not attached to a physical card (ex: promo codes for the Special Delivery Charizard Card) is prohibited on TCGplayer.


For more info about what happens after your item sells, visit our help files on Shipping Guidelines for Cards and Payments


Change Log

  • 10/19/22 - Updated Pokemon Code Cards section to clarify that codes that are not attached to physical cards cannot be sold on TCGplayer.
  • 9/23/22 - Updated title and body contents.
  • 6/8/22 - Updated screenshots.
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